Hiking at Senatsbergets nature trail (28.9.2018)


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After paddling a canoe, I went hiking at Senatsbergets nature trail. The air in a forest was cool and crisp.

While I walk in the wood, I realized many various trees. Especially, I like white birch. And, I was surprised that mushroom is growing in the tree. The part of black is mushroom, and it is called “chaga mushroom” (Pakurikääpä in Finnish) I hear chaga mushroom tea is good for health.

The view from top of the hill was beautiful. There were light green trees and deep green trees as far as the eye could see. I was deeply impressed by the beauty of nature.

Mr. Laitinen made a bonfire. I felt relax while I heard sound of a bon fire. In addition, I heard strange sound from a tree. I wondered at that sound. It is interesting to hear sound of nature.

I love Finnish nature, especially I think nature of Kimito Island is very beautiful. Thanks to him, I got to know more about Finnish nature.

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カヌーの後に、Senatsbergets nature trail という6.3㎞のハイキングコースを歩きました。森の中はとても空気がきれいでした。

歩いていると、たくさんの種類の木があることに気付き、特に私は白樺の木が好きだなと思いました。この木には「chaga mushroom」というきのこが生えるそうで、お茶にして飲むと健康に良いそうです。真っ黒だったので、きのこだということに気が付きませんでした。





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