I went to Bengtskär on August 25th. Going to Island by ferry is one of my things I want to do in Kimito Island. A little while after I left harbor, I watched many islands and rocky islets. Sometimes, Continue reading


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I went to Sagalund on August 22th. There are many old style building (from18century-19century) such as a school and a house. These buildings have been moved to here from different places in Kimito Island. Mr. Kujala guided me to Continue reading


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Harvesting apples has already began at Soderlangvik Manor in Kimito. I did not know that there are many apple trees in Kimito. Here, a many kinds of apples are growing in a vast extent of land. Walking in apple Continue reading



Dags att ställa igång för höstöppning! Sara Blomqvist och Tone Leganger.

För en del branscher på Kimitoön börjar högsäsongen vara över i och med att turistströmmen sinar och fritidsborna åkt till stan. I Garnhärvan i Kärra stämmer dock inte Continue reading


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Wherever I go, I can enjoy beautiful scenery of nature. A vast of wheat field spread. There are a lot of high trees such as a white birch and a pine tree. I cannot see these trees in my Continue reading



On my way to Bengtskär. www.bengtskar.fi

My name is Hinako Tanaka.

I came from Japan. I am a student at Fukuoka Women’s University.

Now, I am staying Kimito Island and train to working at Förlags Ab Lindan Kustannus Oy. Continue reading