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I went fishing with Jenni, Johan, and Veikka on September 9th. Johan took me to strömma by the ship.

Cruising in the sea was so fantastic. When I got out of the narrow sea, the beautiful scenery of large Continue reading



Ms. Liljeqvist said “There are no vacations at the hotel every day in summer. We usually hire about 40 employee, but we hire about 130 employees in high season.” No wonder that KASNÄS is popular for tourist because they Continue reading



– Ett så här mastigt motorevenemang har inte tidigare skådats på Kimitoön, berättar Twentyfiwesevenhundred-aktivisten Juha Wahlsten, som arrangerar Burn & Chill 2018.

Burn & Chill förvandlar lördagen den 29 september en del av Kimito centrum till en tillfällig racerbana. Continue reading


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“September Open” was held in Dalsbruk. It was fine weather the day, so about 7000 people came. There were many shop that represent medieval Europe. People who wear old-style fashion sold grilled pork and apple coated chocolate and so Continue reading



Today is the good day for cycling. So, I cycled a difference route than last time.

At first, I found hiking course. Walking in the woods made me feel relax.

Next, I found blueberry spot. The blueberry was the Continue reading


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I ran along the coastal route by bicycle on September 4th.

Today, I went through this road.(red line at the second picture) There are much fog in the morning, so I couldn’t see over there well. However, I felt Continue reading



I went in a forest to picking up mushrooms with Mitsuko. She is Japanese woman and has lived here for 7 years. In Japan, a porcini (herkkutatti) is expensive food, but there are a lot of them grown everywhere Continue reading


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I went to a forest to pick up blueberry with my host mother “Khae”. People can walk in the woods freely and pick up berry or mushroom. (Everyman’s right) In particular, I could find blueberry easily. Every Finnish people Continue reading



Eva Sjösten vill gärna se en skräpfri Kimitoö och drar sitt strå till stacken genom att ordna ett plogging-evenemang på lördag.

World Cleanup Day går av stapeln på lördag (15 september), och detta internationella evenemang kommer att synas också Continue reading


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Today is “out day” in kindergarten on August 27th. We walked around in the woods and picked blueberries to make blueberry pie tomorrow. Some kids were eating blueberries. They were smiling with putting blueberry on their mouth and nose. Continue reading