Picking up mushrooms with Mitsuko (2.9.2018)



I went in a forest to picking up mushrooms with Mitsuko. She is Japanese woman and has lived here for 7 years. In Japan, a porcini (herkkutatti) is expensive food, but there are a lot of them grown everywhere in a forest of Finland. I could find various sizes of 20 porcini. The Japanese woman “Mitsuko” said “There are many porcini this year although I can sometimes pick up only one.” In addition, I could find small yellow mushroom “kantarelli”, a mushroom has slimy skin, and a red mushroom. The red one obviously looked a poisonous mushroom. It was fun to find a mushroom appeared suddenly when I walk in the woods. However, I leaned that it is important to remember the road I have walked thorough. I cannot walked in a forest freely and eat food for free so easily in Japan. Therefore, it was so valuable experience.

Mitsuko said “Finally, I found things what I love in Finland. I worked English teacher in Japan. But, I did not like the job. Now, I enjoy working in Lapland in winter and picking up blueberries and mushrooms here.” I want to find my favorite things that I am able to be absorbed. Then, I want to enjoy my life more.