KASNÄS is located in southernmost in Kimito Island (11.9.2018)



Ms. Liljeqvist said “There are no vacations at the hotel every day in summer. We usually hire about 40 employee, but we hire about 130 employees in high season.” No wonder that KASNÄS is popular for tourist because they can enjoy various leisure activities. For example, there are spa, pool, beach, miniature golf playground and so on. The restaurant “Kasnäs Paviljong” serves a buffet lunch. The fish food was so good and fresh because these are farmed by Ab Salmonfarm Oy next to this restaurant. Also, KASNÄS makes arrangement to go Island by ship such as Bengtskär and Rosala.

The program of “Hydrospinning” is held every Tuesday. We can ride aqua bike in the water to the music. Instructor Ms. Sjölancler said “I choose the music depend on movements. Exercising in the water is not as hard on the body as exercising on land. So, both young and old can try to do that. Let’s enjoy!” About 40 minutes passed so fast.

After exercising I looked around a pool. There were many people who enjoy swimming.

More info: www.kasnas.com




ちょうどこの日は、音楽に合わせて水中でバイクを漕ぐ“Hydrospinning”という運動がプールで行われていたので参加しました。毎週火曜に行われているそうです。インストラクターのJohannaさんから 「音楽は動きに合わせて選んでいます。水中だと体にかかる負担が少ないので様々な年代の方がチャレンジできます。一緒に楽しみましょう!」というコメントを頂きました。音楽に合わせて運動できるのであっという間に時間が過ぎ、楽しみながら良い運動ができました。