Fishing is fun (9.9.2018)

24.9.2018 - Michael Nurmi

I went fishing with Jenni, Johan, and Veikka on September 9th. Johan took me to strömma by the ship.

Cruising in the sea was so fantastic. When I got out of the narrow sea, the beautiful scenery of large sea laid out before my eyes.

I fished with lure fishing for the first time, so it was difficult. They taught me that “When you feel the power of the fish, you have to pull up fishing rod suddenly.” However, I did not know the right timing to pull up. So, I missed the big fish. Jenni advised me “Fish tend to get together in one place. You may want to fish the opposite side because Johan add Veikka have fished already.” Then, I could get one fish. It was “fi: ahven, sve:abborre” I was delighted that everyone said “Hyvä!”

Johan taught me how to fillet a fish. Moreover, he gave me all fishes we fished today. I want to try to go fishing again.

We ate smoke fish made by Johan on the way back. It was good.

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