Storfinnhova Gård smoke sauna and some unique tourist cabins (29.9.2018)


Storfinnhova Gård is in Björkboda. There are a smoke sauna and some unique tourist cabins. They are surrounded by many trees.

When you come inside a sauna room, you must be surprised at different atmosphere between inside and outside. The sauna room is built from big granite-blocks. And, many candles lighted. It was mystical atmosphere.   The peculiar smell of smoke sauna was pleased. A little creek runs next to the sauna. Also, there are a little pool led from creek. People enjoyed taking a dip in creek and pool.

Tourists said “The smoke sauna is rare. And, this sauna room is so big. It was fun!” “Here is very nice place! Today, I come here because I want to recommend this place to my friends.” “It is first time to come here. I like it!”

The customers came one after another. Everyone enjoyed taking smoke sauna while drinking beers and talking. Storfinnhova Gard enchanted people who visit here. And then, it make them want to come again.


More info: http://www.storfinnhova.com/english/start.html

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