Sagalund museum (22.8.2018)

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I went to Sagalund on August 22th. There are many old style building (from18century-19century) such as a school and a house. These buildings have been moved to here from different places in Kimito Island. Mr. Kujala guided me to Sagalund park.

The second picture is an old school. In the past, students use a board of stone to write words. And, they use rabbit’s tale to clean up.

Left side room of this school is schoolmaster’s room. The third ne is old style kitchen.

The fourth picture is old house poor people lived. Compared with house rich people lived, this house is small and dark.

I found small bed. I hear that people who lived here sat sleeping. It is surprising.

This is Villa Sagalund. It was built here and consists of two separate dwellings. The wall color was so beautiful.

Flowers have bloomed in the green garden. The wall of Villa Sagalund is red. Also, that day was good weather and blue sky. So, I could see beautiful color contrast.

SAGALUND is interesting place because I could know the old style lives of people.

There are a lot of nice and quiet place in Kimito Island. I can spend relaxed time there.

Thank you Mr. Kujala for guiding me.


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