I experienced nice Finnish cultures on September 22th

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First culture is taking a sauna at Finnish family’s house. The wood sauna with soft light made me relax. The atmosphere was good for talking. When I throw water at heated rock, the steam was spread out and make inside very hot. Finnish people often ask me “Do you take a sauna in Japan?” My answer is “Yes.” I sometimes take a sauna, but I have never experienced “löyly” (Finnish). Also, few house have their own sauna. So, we have to go to a hot spring because there is sauna. Most of sauna have TV. We can watch TV while taking a sauna.

Second one is coffee culture. After eating dinner, I drank a cup of coffee with blueberry pie. Before coming to Finland, I was not good at coffee. However, I have come to like it because I noticed that drinking coffee makes me calm. In addition, I think that when Finnish people drink a coffee, they enjoy talking and look so happy.

Both of sauna culture and coffee culture keep people relax. It is nice culture.

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