Coastal route by bicycle (4.9.2018)

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I ran along the coastal route by bicycle on September 4th.

Today, I went through this road.(red line at the second picture) There are much fog in the morning, so I couldn’t see over there well. However, I felt good to ride on bicycle because the road was wide and quiet. Around here, a peaceful landscape was spread out.

These trees are newly planted in a clear-cut area. (The forth picture)

About an hours and 30 minutes later the sea came into view. The fog started to clear up at that time.

There are many summer cottage around here. Old men who talked to me also lives here in summer.

I want to go whole of Kimito Island by bicycle for next time when it is sunny.

I could look over town of Kimito. The landscape was beautiful. I again realized here is nice place.

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