Bengtskär & Rosala Viking center (25.8.2018)



I went to Bengtskär on August 25th. Going to Island by ferry is one of my things I want to do in Kimito Island. A little while after I left harbor, I watched many islands and rocky islets. Sometimes, the summer cottage built on the island.

Firstly, I landed on Rosala and visited Viking center. I ate a traditional fish soup and archipelago bread at Chieftain’s hall. The room reproduces Viking age. Inside room is dark, but many candles were lighted. So, I felt as if I have been in Viking age.

Finally, I arrived at Bengskär. It was long time to come here by ferry. This island is apart from other islands. Lighthouse is built by using rock. It was majestic and the atmosphere was mysterious. This is built in 1906 and is the tallest light house in Nordic countries. During World WarⅡ, Russia tried to take it away. The battle was fought here.

I had seated while watching the ocean. And, I talked with some Finnish People. I hear every visitors come from Tampere. Although I could only smile at them at first, I enjoyed talking with them.

The sun came out on the way back to Kasnas. Therefore, I enjoyed the view of the sea from top of the ferry. I was excited to go cruising. It was nice trip.



はじめに、Rosalaという島に寄って、Viking center を訪れました。そこでは、伝統的な魚のスープと、archipelago bread というパンを食べました。ろうそくの灯された室内にいると、まるでヴァイキング時代にいるようでした。





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