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I went fishing with Jenni, Johan, and Veikka Continue reading


Ms. Liljeqvist said “There are no vacations at the hotel every day in summer. We usually hire about 40 employee, but we hire about 130 employees in high season.” No wonder that KASNÄS is popular for tourist because they can Continue reading

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“September Open” was held in Dalsbruk. It was Continue reading


Today is the good day for cycling. So, I cycled a difference route than last time.

At first, I found hiking course. Walking in the woods made me feel relax.

Next, I found blueberry spot. The blueberry was the biggest Continue reading

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I ran along the coastal route by bicycle Continue reading


I went in a forest to picking up mushrooms with Mitsuko. She is Japanese woman and has lived here for 7 years. In Japan, a porcini (herkkutatti) is expensive food, but there are a lot of them grown everywhere in Continue reading

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I went to a forest to pick up Continue reading

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Today is “out day” in kindergarten on August Continue reading


I went to Bengtskär on August 25th. Going to Island by ferry is one of my things I want to do in Kimito Island. A little while after I left harbor, I watched many islands and rocky islets. Sometimes, the Continue reading

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I went to Sagalund on August 22th. There Continue reading